The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) in partnership with the Greater Miami and The Beaches Hotel Association (GMBHA) has developed the first-ever hospitality industry pledge focused on measures and policies to mitigate the impact of mosquito-borne illnesses in Greater Miami and the Beaches.

“By signing this pledge,” Mr. William D. Talbert III says, “they are telling the world that we are taking preventive measures, and there is some consistency.” The pledge, Ms. Wendy Kallergis says, “commits these hotels to being responsible not only for the education of their visitors and their properties, but to have very good preventive programs throughout the year.” So far, Mr. Talbert says, 74 major hotels across the county have signed the Zika pledge.

The Hotels pledge to:

1. Engage mosquito mitigation systems and practices including spraying, fogging and misting all public areas.

2. Conduct employee awareness training.

3. Designate on-site “mosquito control coordinator” to monitor hotel’s overall efforts.

4. Provide complimentary mosquito repellant at strategic locations.

5. Dispense “dunks” in all open water drains as appropriate.

6. Chlorinate and monitor swimming pools, decorative fountains, ponds and other landscape water features.

7. Eliminate standing water in planters and other decorative and architectural features, as well as garbage cans and containers.

8. Remove puddles that last more than 48 hours.

9. Maintain strict and preventive grounds keeping practices, including elimination of ornamental plants such as bromeliads, which can be mosquito breeding grounds.

10. Ensure updated CDC guidelines and information on mosquito borne illnesses and prevention is available at the front desk and upon request.

To read the full article on Miami Today Click Here &
to sign the Hotel Pledge Click Here.

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