Spris – An Originale

A story from our Allied Upgrade Member Graspa Group 

An Originale                                                                   spris -

Our beloved Michele has been the longest associate working at Spris on Lincoln Road. He joined on opening day and has been our manager for many years. We asked him to tell us a little bit about himself and this is the wonderful story he shared with us. We hope you love it as much as we do!

“I was born in Bari, Italy, on February 15th, a long long time ago…. My best and oldest memory is of my Mother, who used to leave me at the pizzeria across the street from our house to buy groceries faster. As I sat in a tall chair, I watched, hypnotized, Paolo, the pizza guy, preparing the dough for the day: I remember perfectly the beautiful perfume….premonition, maybe destiny?

My family gave me the opportunity to study, so I graduated from the University of Rome with a Masters in Psychology and began working on the rehabilitation process of schizophrenic patients. But in 1993, I came to Miami Beach for a fresh start and to help my best friend open a restaurant on Lincoln and Meridian Avenue. In 1997, I started my adventures at TiramesU and in 1998 at Spris!

Ever since I have worked the night shift and on my days off I like to stay home and cook pasta! It makes me feel cozy! It’s very simple: penne in a cherry tomato sauce with garlic and arugula. I add three spoons of Ricotta Forte to the sauce and more arugula… and Buon Appetito! For the same reason, my favorite pizza is the Saporita: strong and familiar flavors!

Working at Spris is my life: over the years, I have met thousands of very interesting people, sharing and learning from different cultures, religions and walks of lives. The funny thing is that I have been here for so long that my new costumers now are the sons and daughters of my original customers!

I also feel very lucky to spend time (a lot) with my team, all of them.

After 17 years of Miguele, Michelo, Migueli, Miguelito, Michela, Michelle, Miguelo, Micaelo, Micaiele, and even Pietro, Garazielo and Graziele, I wonder if maybe I should have changed my name?

For the ones doing math: I was born in 1955!

We truly enjoyed reading this and we hope you do too! BTW, if you’re still wondering, his name is pronounced Mee- ke-leh :o)